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Fate of Third world citizens? always in Anarchy, poverty, nepotism, Non-Democratic regimes torture

Present Syrian imbroglio globa attention possible US attack and after attack spike in oil prices instability in middle east picture is gloomy After WW II ,military adventurism by USA and allies under name humanity, democracy will continue. Third world leadership is incompetent and could not build nations and poor on governance and socio-economic development causing social and political unrest. Plundering national wealth deposits in western banks that is job done by third world leaders even democratic. In Syria one regime will be replaced by another without development agenda.

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Tom Rubenoff says

3 years ago
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Deforest (maxoxam41) says

3 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 3 years ago

    Yes India is corrupt nation and rising like cancer and regimes are defending. Our judiciary or courts have been bought ad multi party democracy could not decide any issue and single party regime also failed so this is dilemma of Indian voters.

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thomasczech says

3 years ago
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    Borsia 3 years ago

    While I've said the same things there is still a huge difference between the 1st & 3rd worlds, I've lived in several 3rd WCs and still do.

    Whether Syria used CW is debatable but the US has no business sticking their nose into yet another country.

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Borsia says

3 years ago
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    Mike Marks 3 years ago

    american citizens are a commodity, each one representing a figure of debt that the bankers may liquify and spread around to cronies

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pramodgokhale says

3 years ago
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