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Did you know that the act of signing up for Obamacare has personal and financial risks?

Discussions about Obamacare sign-up dangers include several issues and dangers. They include a high risk of identy theft through poorly secured databases, the use of unqualified personnel with inadequate background checks, and servers that are not operating properly. There was also mention of costs of a policy for a 40 year old man being higher in one place than another for the same policy and coverage. Higher costs include higher co-pays and deductibles for policy holders. Insurance companies are also restricting doctors and hospitals to save money. Costs much higher than a cell phone.

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3 years ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 3 years ago

    1. more seers more risk 2this is not insurance 3again not insurance 4brand new positions no experience possible.

    You forget that you are applying standards set now by competition and risk -- both those are gone under Obamacare. That is a huge fact.

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