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Does the inability to speak the language of a country with whom we are at war bother you?

I have always been troubled by the fact that we go to war with countries, become embedded within nations, and don't understand the language the citizens are speaking. I wonder how many special forces doing covert operations are trained in the language of the country and if they are, how do they learn the language in such a short time? As a former interpreter of the deaf, I know that there are certain phrases that are generally translatable, but not entirely, either from English to ASL or ASL to Eng. I still think of Khrushchev's "we will bury you" phrase and the ques.of it's interpretation.

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Thief12 says

3 years ago
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karl (Silverspeeder) says

3 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 3 years ago

    as in all aspects of life, I suppose Thanks Silverspeeder. I keep meaning to check if your a speed skater. I'll go to your profile.