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What are the 6 ways Obama"care" is a total waste of time, energy, and money where there are

hospitals and/or other medical facilities that offer very low cost and/or free health care? The "purpose" that President Obama "intended" for his to be implemented "health" care is to ensure that poorer Americans get the health care they need & are not denied access to care because they do not have the means to cover their health care.Poor people in America have been receiving health care. If people cannot afford to pay for health and medical care, they STILL receive health care. President Obama really cannot leave well enough alone. Our health care system is GREAT the way it IS!

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Best Answer LandmarkWealth says

3 years ago
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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

3 years ago
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Suzette Walker suzettetaos (suzettenaples) says

3 years ago
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    Jennifer (jjackson786) 3 years ago

    I respectfully disagree with you, Suzette. The reason that you are paying $100 for an aspirin while you are in the hospital is because there is no regulation of that industry, and pharmaceutical companies pay to be able to charge you what they want.

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Cara.R says

3 years ago
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    TSAD (tsadjatko) 3 years ago

    Well said Cara. Solutions usually are very simple as conveyed in your sentiments about this. Some among us seem to think that a 3000 page bill no one can read and understand producing 30,0000 pages of rules and regulations is the way to go? Go figure


tbHistorian says

3 years ago
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    Josak 3 years ago

    All of these are incorrect but I will just illustrate with one. This is the CBO report on PPACA budgeting. It is set to REDUCE the deficit not increase it, stop lying.

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