Do you believe that the government has the right to manage my food intake by making me purchase only

the food they believe is good for me? With the latest attempt to control school meals for our children, the government is forcing the child to eat food substance that I do not support. How do you handle this for your children? Do you require them to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner to school with them? Or - like some others, do you simply allow the educators to force your children to eat the food permitted by the government? Do you feel this is denial of freedom by the government?

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Rod Martin Jr (lone77star) says

2 years ago
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  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD (tsadjatko) 2 years ago

    I agree except you should be using another analogy besides the boiling frog because it is not true http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/frogboil.asp Have you heard what the FCC is proposing to spend your tax dollars on a proposal to study newsrooms?

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Dont Taze Me Bro says

2 years ago
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bethperry says

2 years ago
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