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If President Obama feels the duty to publicly criticize Donald Sterling's racial slurs...

aimed at black people, why doesn't he voice criticism for racial slurs directed at non-blacks? While I found Sterling's comments ugly, ugly, ugly, at the very least he thought he made them in a purely private conversation. By contrast, other equally ugly (and often publicly made) slurs go ignored, e.g.: the anti-Semitic remarks spouted off regularly by Louis Farrakhan. If President Obama truly cares about ending racism, why doesn't he denounce incidents of racism when it is directed against whites, Jews and other non-black Americans?

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Best Answer LandmarkWealth says

2 years ago
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    Greg Schweizer (gregas) 2 years ago

    Sharpton and Jackson are 2 of the biggest racists in the world. I think they have incited more riots and uneasy situations than they have prevented. They are definately NOT a Martin Luther King, Jr. Just my opinion, Greg.

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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    Leslie McCowen (lovemychris) 2 years ago

    He was askef at a press conference in Malaysia. How come no one cslled out Beck when he said Obama had a deep- seated hatred of white people? Even tho hes half white. THAT is racism!

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dashingscorpio says

2 years ago
  • bethperry profile image

    bethperry 2 years ago

    Interesting and well said.

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junkseller says

2 years ago
  • retief2000 2 years ago

    But Obama was content to sit in his congregation for 2 decades listening to hate speech. People usually flee situations they find to be morally reprehensible, but not so Barack Obama.

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retief2000 says

2 years ago
  • bethperry profile image

    bethperry 2 years ago

    Very good point, retief2000! Wright has a vile mouth on him.

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Ralph Deeds says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    Aw, c'mon Deeds, don't try the race bait game with me. You picked the wrong woman married to a man darker than the President to try that crap on.