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Whom should we blame that China is fast overtaking the U.S. as a leading economic power?

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Best Answer LandmarkWealth says

2 years ago
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dashingscorpio says

2 years ago
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    Tim Mitchell (tsmog) 2 years ago

    A very interesting view. Fortunately you have sparked an idea for me. Thank you. Now, that does not say I like the trend you shared as having to be, e.g. as a paperboy @ '65 & '66 (5th & 6th) grade I learned and I forgot. I just now realized

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Nasir Syar'an (Nasir Syaran) says

2 years ago
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    dashingscorpio 2 years ago

    Excellent observation. The U.S. has always believed if the stock market soared we as a nation were doing very well. Outsourcing jobs to other countries has increased profits for corporations & hurt our economy. Stocks are now at an all time high!

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Elayne (elayne001) says

2 years ago
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