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Should executions be permanently banned worldwide? If you answer affirmatively, please continue.

A ten-year moratorium on U.S. executions ended on January 17, 1977, with the execution of Gary Gilmore by firing squad in Utah. If you believe executions should be banned permanently, please copy the list below and rate each of the reasons as "1" (irrelevant) through "10" (highly relevant): Executions should be banned because they: a) kill the innocent b) target minorities c) are expensive d) are inhumane e) target the poor f) don't deter murders g) are ungodly h) grant too much power to government (i) make murderers of us all (j) don't really help murder victims' survivors (k) other reasons

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Kathleen Odenthal Romano (Kathleen Odenthal) says

2 years ago
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    SassySue1963 2 years ago

    "Who are we to decide who lives or dies?" Don't we make this choice with abortions? Just sayin'.

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bethperry says

2 years ago
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SassySue1963 says

2 years ago
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    Good analogy! An innocent unborn child can be legally torn to pieces while giving a pass to a sadistic killer. The logic is sound and irrefutable!