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How would you rate cultures in terms of family helping family financially?

Having worked with students from all over the world, I noticed that in some cultures, family and friends seem to help each other financially more than Americans do in regard to starting businesses, etc. I had a student in MN once who worked extra hours to help his brother get enough money to start a restaurant in CA. 1. Do you feel there is a difference in cultures in this regard? 2. If there is a difference, how would you rate the cultures you know of - from those that help each other the MOST financially to those that help each other the LEAST.

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Devika Primić (DDE) says

2 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 2 years ago

    @DDE, thanks for your comment. Pride is an issue - across the board in any culture I would suppose. After World War II, my father gave my uncle his ration for rubber which my Uncle used for his "custard" (ice cream) stand making my uncle successful.