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Is Cliven Bundy a terrorist?

Think about his actions; and imagine what would have happened if the exact same situation occurred, only he and his group were Muslims. Even if they were urban gangsters, Black or Hispanic or whatever they may be. You can't threaten government officials with guns, get your property back when you owe the American people over $1m, and remain a free citizen unless you're a prominent old white man? Or is there something I'm missing? What exactly defines a terrorist these days, and is Cliven Bundy one?

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Best Answer Robert the Bruce says

2 years ago
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    Travis Murphy (BLynd Logyk) 2 years ago

    Great response! Thanks for taking the time.

    The cops or "officials" showing up with weapons and threatening violence is how the law works. Any group or individual who breaks the law can expect armed men to show up, that's life.

    Rest is true though

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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GNelson says

2 years ago
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