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Third world is lagging . Should EU role model for development ? Yes it can be tried.

I am an Indian and enjoy freedom of expression in world's largest democracy.there are 150 underdeveloped nations, struggling to develop but lagging weak social and economic set up and non democratic.How to change mindset? Indian democracy is over restrictions and blocked development despite many favorable factors.Quality governance as in Singapore Asian city-state, we can follow.India claims freedom of expression but economic or business freedom is less compare to other nations.corrupt bureaucracy and politicians could not build country as expected.this story repeats in other countries too.

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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

2 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 2 years ago

    Sir, you are right.India is a plural nation with diversity and only democracy on the earth faced such complex issues.You rightly said about merits of Indians but feudal mindset is a big problem so not industrious.

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Mahadeb Kar (supremeupbeat k) says

9 months ago
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