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Anglophile Nehru-dynasty and Indian Bureaucracy- Curse on new Modi government ? yes it is

After independence we Indians were ruled by Anglophile Nehru dynasty and bureaucracy.India's grass root people were taken for granted for their experiments.Their mania of secularism,(pseudo) Socialism(Controlled economy with permit Raj) Non-aligned -movement(Chattering intellectuals ,their foreign tours.We suffered the most.Modi is new PM , he took time time to change the habits of corrupt officers,Offices are digitized , previous government did not .Scams and scandals of Singh government are still haunting on new government. 7 million Rs. spent for toilet of one officer.during past government

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cjhunsinger says

2 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 2 years ago

    Nehru dynasty and bureaucray looted country and they were weak on many international issues, they simply sold out national interests. I like Russia and China , very tough when bargain against west.

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