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Brain Teaser: Who Likes America and Who Does Not ... And Why

Coming out of the Bush 43 years, out of 44 countries surveyed the vast majority had a poor opinion of America. Today, that opinion has been reversed. Of the 20 countries listed, 10 fall in the bottom of the dislike group and 10 in the top of the like group. They are in no particular order. Can you sort the top and bottom 5 out? 1. Pakistan 2. Italy 3. France 4. Germany 5. Russia 6. Kenya 7. Vietnam 8 .Bangladesh 9. Ghana 10. Egypt 11. El Salvador 12. Israel 13. Lebanon 14. Turkey 1.5. Palestine 16. Greece 17. Philippines 18. Jordan 19. South Korea 20. Tanzania

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Alan (mgeorge1050) says

2 years ago
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My Esoteric says

2 years ago
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    cjhunsinger 2 years ago

    MY-Tried to avoid this, thinking there may be a more current response--no. Founding "Principles" =Bill ofRights=Individual Freedom, Free enterprise. All things must be interpreted to those "principles" or they are lost.

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cjhunsinger says

2 years ago
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    My Esoteric 2 years ago

    What you say is very true, but, like a man, America is not an island. It must be well thought of in the world in order to 1) survive and prosper and 2) reach and maintain those goals you correctly write about.

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