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What makes some people not to acknowledge that the large/very large family is one of the major

contributors to socioeconomic poverty nationally as well as worldwide? Why WON'T they further realize that much of the socioeconomic poverty in the nation & in the world would be DRASTICALLY reduced if more people practiced judicious/prudent family planning & reduce family size to 1-3 children?

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Best Answer teamrn says

21 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 21 months ago

    Exactly, it is simple mathematical logic that there is a strict correlation between large families & poverty. There is LESS monies allocated per child in a large than in a small family. This means that children must be content with very little.

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Mitch Alan says

21 months ago
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    Nadia Ribadu 21 months ago

    Hear, hear! The question is pseudo-intellectual, and yet ill-posed, not to mention without consideration of other factors.

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twayneking says

20 months ago
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