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Has anyone else heard about Ravensbruck, the only concentration camp built to

imprison women? Notables such as Mayor LaGuardia's niece and theTen Boom sisters were in such a hell. Women were subject to brutality in all forms in this hell. They were pressed into slave labor-working until death. There were routine medical experiments by sadistic "doctors". There were gas chambers and crematoriums. Out of 132,000 prisoners, over 90,000 died from horrendous conditions. When the Soviets liberated the camp in 1945, only 3000 were alive.

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Yoleen Lucas (Say Yes To Life) says

21 months ago
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Larry Wall says

22 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 22 months ago

    I may one day. That camp creates quite a visceral response of fear. That camp's hell is equivalent or worse than the hell of Auschwitz. Women there were subjected to beyond horrendous acts. I read about the camp & saw documentaries on it.