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Can You Motivate Someone To Get Clean and Sober Before They Hit "Rock Bottom"?

Many people say (and even the AA big book says)that one must hit "rock bottom" before they will get sober. It is said that when one has lost enough or when the pain is great enough, then one can be open to recovery and treatment. Does forcing a person (either through the courts or a family ultimatum...) into detox work? I work in a detox and I know many of my clients are not 'ready' to get sober just because they are there, yet I feel like I plant a seed of recovery that grows each time they come in. I would hate to think that all my efforts are wasted time.

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manatita44 says

15 months ago
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    crackerjack9 15 months ago

    Well said. I come to work each day and do the best I can and hope that the seed I planted takes root and begins to grow.

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