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Are we all human beings heading towards World Civilization or not?

It is highly probable that we all are heading to what is referred as a global civilization; which is believed to be the ultimate human destiny. Evey school of thought evidently have such a program that one day, all human beings would gather under the umbrella one world civilization. In such a scenario, distinction on the grounds of color, race, nationality, ethnicity and religion would be trivialized. In fact, it would be utopia - a dream state which should be awaited keenly.

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RLWalker LM says

15 months ago
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Galadriel Arwen says

15 months ago
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    Tariq Sattar (mtariqsattar) 15 months ago

    @Galadriel, well that is totally a negative viewpoint:) frankly don't know how to proceed from where you left. But, I guess we got to see the silver lining in all this and I am sure there is one. Don't think prospects are that gloomy.

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Tariq Sattar (mtariqsattar) says

15 months ago
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    RLWalker LM 15 months ago

    My view is more fretful than pessimistic. It's just that as I see it, and I may be wrong, the goal on the board is more one of survival than progress and the solution must come in the form of a change even more fundamentally revolutionary than 1world

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