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Do you actually care if the human race goes extinct (assuming it won't happen in your lifetime)?

I see a lot of people brush off environmental issues like soil depletion, air and water quality, and climate change as though they don't really matter or are inevitable, so it's pointless to stress about it. It's true that most of these issues are long term problems outside the scope of a person's individual life, but it seems like most people don't really care about the long term survival of the human race. Assuming you will be able to live out the rest of your own life as normal, do you really care if the human race goes extinct sometime in the future? Why or why not?

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dashingscorpio says

12 months ago
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RTalloni says

12 months ago
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    Alan (jonnycomelately) 7 months ago

    Casting all cares onto an imaginary god is in no way going to solve the basic, physical needs of this world. We, as humans, claim to have superior intelligence. Let's start proving it. Look to practical solutions.

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bradmasterOCcal says

12 months ago
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    RLWalker LM 12 months ago

    The same system that allows you to know the history of the planet is the system that says yes to your question.

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RLWalker LM says

12 months ago
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