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Why do some people take offense at the inclusion of those who have been discriminated against?

With regard to television, why does it truly seem to be an offensive and very personal matter to some people whether or not a black person is on t.v. or a LGBT person's life is the focus of a show or documentary? How is the face of an Indian or a Mexican person offensive or the fact that a woman can be powerful, smart, and beautiful (in real life and on t.v.) a threat to some viewers?

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Best Answer Aime (Aime F) says

15 months ago
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    H C Palting (Express10) 15 months ago

    I agree, the truth is that some in the very soon to be former "majority" choose to live in a bubble where they interact with those who look & think like themselves. Living in that bubble does not allow for growth of anything besides bias.

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bradmasterOCcal says

15 months ago
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    Aime (Aime F) 15 months ago

    Huh?? I think probably very few people think that reality is what they see on TV. Most shows require you to suspend disbelief at least a little, that probably includes calculating the ratios of how certain ethnicities are represented.

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