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Have you heard about Democrats trying to get voting rights for prisoners?

Is that why they have been letting so many go so word will get around and they think if they vote for them they will get out? Sounds like a common sense reason to me; how about you? I mean their getting all the immigrants legal to vote for them failed so are they really that desperate? Look at all the thousands already they have let loose on us!

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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

10 months ago
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    Pollyannalana 10 months ago

    How about all the criminal illegals they let go on us after they committed crimes of rape murder and more and just set them free? Never cared where they went or who they hurt. Why are they like that? Letting terrorists go too; what is going on?

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Judy Specht (tirelesstraveler) says

10 months ago
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Pollyannalana says

10 months ago
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