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Do you think a candidate is qualified to be President if they don't know the names of the states?

The Birther movement, by Ted Cruz accusing President Obama of not being born in the US, and Donald Trump demanding the President Obama turn over his birth certificate to him, even after it had been posted on the internet. If these two candidates do not know that Hawaii is a state. I don't think either of them is qualified to be President. I learned yesterday that even though Cruz's mother was born in the states, she became and was a Canadian Citizen at the time of his birth. He is the one not born in the United States.

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Credence2 says

9 months ago
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    Shyron E Shenko 9 months ago

    Credence, that is my point exactly. Both these "good ole boy" seek the power of the Bully Pulpit, and neither are qualified to be class president of the 1st grade in grammar school.

    Thank you for answering this question.


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someonewhoknows says

9 months ago
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