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If a grand jury finds Hillary may have improperly handled classified material, then does she w/draw?

Some government communications are automatically classified (such as reports of privileged statements by foreign officials and foreign leaders.) Mrs. Clinton was briefed in that regard when she became the U. S. Secretary of State. If she faces a grand jury and they believe she, in fact, seems to have improperly handled classified materials and she is indicted, should she withdraw from the 2016 presidential race, or tough it out through the trial that would follow?

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MizBejabbers says

8 months ago
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    Leslie McCowen (lovemychris) 8 months ago

    Ridiculous Republican shenanigans, using our hard earned money for political witch hunts. Since frigging 1992! Never-ending. They sure find money for all their hearings dont they? Not like they have anything else to do I guess. The leisure class.

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Leslie McCowen (lovemychris) says

8 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 8 months ago

    Trump is not a public official who did criminal activity in the government? Trump is in a civil lawsuit, in a state owned by democrats. Hillary is involved in a criminal action sec was sec of state. No comparison. I dn see any accomplishments frm u

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