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Will Republicans LOSE the Senate, the House or BOTH in November?

Attaching yourself to "Radioactive Donald" Trump as Many "Not so WISE" Congressional Republicans have done recently, is nothing less than the EQUIVALENT of Strapping yourself to that Toxic "BIG Bomb" Dropped by the "Enola Gay" Decades Ago ~ Honestly, how could any COHERENT Republican EXPECT a Different Result? Conservatives are Destined to LOSE the Senate or the HOUSE or BOTH this November, How BAD do you think it will be for the GOP?

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Ken Burgess says

4 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 months ago

    CON-Man Trump has a TINY Minority of "FANz" However, he has ALIENATED EVERYONE Else ~ 83% of Hispanics / Latinos REJECT him, 70% of Women REJECT him, 90% of African Americans REJECT him, Asians, Gays, Muslims, Un-Educated White Men NOW REJECT him

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