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Cadillac DISCONTINUES Sponsorship of Trump Golf Tournament ~ Gee, I Wonder WHY?

Yup, it's TRUE - Cadillac decided to NOT Renew Sponsorship of the annual Golf Tournament at Trump’s Dumpy Doral and PGA to DATE, has been unsuccessful at finding another one as a replacement ~ Gee, I WONDER WHY? ~ Maybe because Cadillac has a DIVERSE Clientele & the “Donald” has “Angered & ALIENATED” ALL Ethnic & Gender Groups EXCEPT for a few OLD Angry White Guys? ~ Sooner or LATER a new sponsor might be found, one which will ACCEPT the Tremendous “Market RISK” of Attaching itself to Donald’s Blatant Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny & HATE Rhetoric ~ Maybe, Maybe NOT - Your THOUGHTs?

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bradmasterOCcal says

4 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 months ago

    Who CAREs? Apparently EVERY Earthling EXCEPT U ~ Cadillac "DUMPED Trump" for Obvious REASONs & PGA has Failed to Locate another SPONSOR to Date ~ GUESS WHERE the Tournament was MOVED To? Yup, Believe it or NOT, M*E*X*I*C*O ~