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Did U Know Republican Brent Scowcroft is the Latest Conservative to ENDORSE Hillary?

Yup, it's TRUE ~ The GROWING Number of Conservatives who Understand the FACT that Trump is "Mentally UNFIT & Dangerous" to the Security of the WORLD & Who also Understand that Hillary is the BEST Qualified Candidate to Assume the Presidency of the United States is Beginning to EMERGE ~ Your Thoughts?

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

4 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 months ago

    Donald is SUFFERING from Severe Psychological Issues ~ Paranoia & ANGER Problems & Delusional Behavior Perhaps Associated with Schizophrenia ~ He's DISQUALIFIED from the Presidency ~ I RESERVE "NET Worth Guesses" til' after TAX Return Disclo