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Did U Know 400 GOP Delegates Have "DUMPED Trump" So Far? How Many MORE Defections?

Yup, that's the APPROXIMATE Number According to INSIDERs & It's GROWING ~ They Claim Donald is "Un-Electable" and if you INVESTIGATE his Dubious Business HISTORY & CARNIVAL of Irrational and Recklessly DANGEROUS Behavior & Thoughts on YOU-Tube, Disagreement with this "Common Sense Assessment" would be FUTILE ~ How Many MORE Republican Delegates Do U Think Will DEFECT Before The Convention?

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James (Johnny James A) says

3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    I tend to Disagree James ~ Trump Constantly EXHIBITs his SEVERE Psychological Problems such as Paranoia, Delusional "Behavior & Thoughts", and Perhaps Schizophrenia ~ A President must be FREE of these Diseases / DISORDERS to Legally Assume Office

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Ken Burgess says

3 months ago
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