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Hillary Clinton lies, she lies ALL the time! Why would anyone vote for President such a liar?

Hillary Clinton lies, she lies ALL the time, about emails, the Clinton foundation, she lies about secret meetings at the state Department with donors, she lies about deals that are cut, she lies about speeches to Goldman Sachs and btw she lies about Benghazi, she knew it was not a video the whole time and did nothing to save lives! She lied to America while Americans were dying! This video is a summary judgement of her, the phony polls, and how she lied while Americans were dying. Watch it before you answer this Q&A.

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Leslie McCowen (lovemychris) says

6 months ago
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    Dont Taze Me Bro 6 months ago

    So u'll vote in this pathological LIAR cause HW told a lie?Shallow!When she stands before cameras&lies to the face of all Americans,so many times 1 can write a book to account for them all,that is lying to me personally,lying as people die.

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