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Did U Know "Delusional Donald" Is Beginning To SINK - Latest POLL - Hillary 51% Donald 42%

Honestly, what does "Drumpf" Trump EXPECT when his "Pseudo Campaign" advocates "SLASHING American Wages", RACISM, Bigotry, Punishing Women & of course "Defaulting" on the U.S. Debt which would inevitably cause an Unprecedent "Global Catastrophic EVENT" that even a Terrorist could ONLY Dream about executing ~ Approx. 95% of African AMERICANs Reject Trump, 85% of Hispanics REJECT Trump, over 70% of Women REJECT Trump, and the MAJORITY of ALL others are pretty much Repulsed by his Grotesque Demeanor for very good reason ~ Any THOUGHTs? ~

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    lol ~ I am CALM Grace ~ Just POSTING FACTs as Usual ~ It's your CONservative Republicans who are in a "HISSY Fit" ~ ~ "Fraudster" Donald is LEARNING the HARD Way, U can't Say, Do, or THINK whatever U want with TOTAL Disregard then EXPECT to B Prez

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