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Did U Know 78% to 85% of Senator Bernie Sander's Supporters Will VOTE for Hillary?

And that was BEFORE his ENDORSEMENT ~ Yup, No SURPRISE & It's TRUE According to the FACTs & there's every Indication the numbers in support of Hillary will GROW ~ A few Confused Individuals might wander over to Independant but the VAST Majority will make the "Sensible & Logical Conversion" over to Hillary because she and Bernie share almost Identical VISIONs ~ WHY on Earth would a Bernie Loyalist vote for a Delusional Paranoid Un-hinged Weirdo Racist Future Prison-Inductee like Trump who would actually LOWER the Minimum WAGE for Hard Working AMERICANs not Raise it like Senator Sanders?

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Ralph Schwartz (RJ Schwartz) says

3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    2 POLLs where Conducted Recently PRIOR to Sen. Sander's ENDORSEMENT of Hillary Yesterday ~ One Revealed 78% & the other 85% of Bernie's Supporters will VOTE Hillary ~ A Tiny Fraction Leaned Indy & "DELUSIONAL" Donald who is the ANTITHESIS of

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