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Has American society since the 1960s become somewhat less patriotic in its orientation?

Why? Why not? In your estimation, what has caused many Americans to be less patriotic?

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Best Answer dashingscorpio says

6 months ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 6 months ago

    Then the founders of our country were not patriots.

    Also, the chilling of our freedom in the 21st century, then should bring us closer to communism and Muslim states.

    The minorities have misused the constitution so that we are not the gimmee country

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

6 months ago
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James (Johnny James A) says

6 months ago
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  • dashingscorpio profile image

    dashingscorpio 6 months ago

    I can see how patriotism and war could have a link.

    During World War I & World War ll young men often ran down to enlist into the military. However today many question the government's decision to enter into wars.

    We don't trust politicians!