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Your REACTION if Trump Insulted YOUR Mother, Father, Sibling for Being CAPTURED During WAR?

“I LIKE People Who Weren’t CAPTURED” ~ GOOGLE it, I Guarantee your “JAW will DROP” in Disgust ~ Did U know this Mentally Twisted Individual ACTUALLY “Insulted & DISRESPECTED” every single member of OUR Armed Forces Veterans by Insinuating he didn’t like Veterans who were Captured and or held as Prisoners & In NO Way were they AMERICAN Heroes? How would U REACT if he said that about your LOVED One who SERVED Courageously, a Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister or Brother?

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Yossarian (Yossarian22) says

2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    Great Points Yossarian ~ I'd be SHOCKED if Donald ESCAPED a Prison Sentence with all the PENDING & Perhaps FUTURE Law SUITs Filed Against him ~ Military Service? Or Lack Thereof, we already knew Donald was a COWARD who tries to DEMEAN Women ~

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