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Did U Know Former FOX CEO Roger Ailes Resigned In Disgrace Amid Sexual Harassment CHARGES?

Well there’s a Big SURPRISE right? A Filthy Rich Guy who according to REPORTs, apparently thinks WOMEN are Subordinate Creatures put here on EARTH to Serve him? ~ Bad DISGRACEFUL NEWz for him could be GOOD NEWs for the WORLD ~ Now, FOX Loser Snooze has the Opportunity to TRANSFORM itself into a REAL Legitimate Information Channel with REAL Reporters & Television Anchors instead of being what it currently is, an ANTI-American RIGHT-Wing Propaganda Outlet with Irresponsible, Dimwitted Anarchists for HEAD-Pieces ~ Think they can do the right thing and make the Necessary CHANGEs?

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bradmasterOCcal says

3 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 months ago

    lol @ bradmaster ~ He wasn't a DEMOCRAT, he FOUNDED & Was in CHARGE of the Biggest RIGHT Wing Anti-American NUTCASE Propaganda Channel Called FOX ~ Ailes FACEs SEXUAL Harassment CHARGEs ~ It was TIME for DWS to MOVE on ~

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

3 months ago
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