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Ailes is GONE - Will FOX Loser Channel FINALLY Transform into an HONEST / Legitimate NEWs Provider?

Chairman Roger Ailes was Recently FORCED to Resign Amid "Sexual Harassment" Charges ~ Now that he's GONE for Good, will they do what's "RIGHT & Necessary" to Transform this "DREARY & Boring" Right Wing Propaganda OUTLET into a LEGITIMATE News Provider?? A "HOUSE Cleaning" to rid the network of Anti-Americans like Sean Hammerhead & a few others would be a Pretty GOOD Start ~

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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    i hear ya Mike, but we as AMERICANs are entitled to "WISHFUL Thinking" right? If FOX Refuses to UPDATE / Alter their RIGHT-Wing Nutcase Agenda, it will be rather amusing to watch a Foreigner like Rupert instruct his staff of to ATTACK Foreigners ~