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Do U Know WHY Trump is "CONCEALING" his Tax RETURNs from Americans?

The IRS said "No Problemo" while giving Donald the "GREEN Light" to Disclose his Tax RETURNs ~ Every Presidential CANDIDATE even "Pseudo-Candidates" in the past have an "inherent OBLIGATION" to Reveal Vital Financial INFO to the American PUBLIC to AVOID Potential COMPLICATIONs in the Furture~ So what secrets are BURIED in the Returns? Are you WONDERING Why this seemingly "SIMPLE Task" is Driving Donald even MORE Insane? I think I know the Underlying REASON do U? ~

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Michelle Lowrie (MsLowrie) says

2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    It's not a "Question" about Pres. Obama & YES, he Disclosed his Returns ~ Can U Prove "Delusional Donald" is a "BILLIONAIRE"? ~ He Claims a WORTH of 10 Billion, Forbes says 4.5 Billion, by the time we get to the TRUTH the LIAR might be BANKRUPT

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