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Did U Know The SECRET Service Is INVESTIGATING “Delusional Donald” Trump?

Yup, According to REPORTs it’s TRUE ~ His Demented, Irresponsible & Perhaps CRIMINAL Comment about a Future President being Assassinated was like a MAGNATE for an IMMEDIATE Investigation ~ Ya Think the MEDIA Needs to “PULL The PLUG” on this Pathetic ANTI-American Idiot before he “Incites another Gruesome ACT” of VIOLENCE? ~

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Kace Kason Colder says

2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    Well, that's NICE because OUR "Collective Subconsciousnesses" are "Filling in the BLANKs" with a "MASSIVE Rejection" of "Delusional Donald" & his RACISM, Bigotry, Hatred of WOMEN, Communist TIEs, Hatred of Minorities ~ He can NEVER "Erase" this