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Did U Know Ku Klux Klan LEADER David Duke ENDORSED "Delusional Donald" Trump?

Yup, it's TRUE ~ Do some RESEARCH & You'll be Nothing Less than "SHOCKED" at Trump's "DEEP Racist ROOTs" ~ Just one PRIMARY Reason WHY 99% of ALL African AMERICANs REJECT "Donald the Racist" ~

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

8 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 8 weeks ago

    That's OKAY Grace, but there may be a few readers who still might be UNAWARE of this Frightening FACT Regarding "Delusional Donald's" Pseudo-Campaign Laced with "HATE & Anger" ~ BTW, REPORTs say Donald's father was Arrested at a KKK Riot in 1927