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Your REACTION if Trump “PUNISHED” Your WIFE / Daughter 4 Exercising Her Reproductive RIGHTs?

LUDICROUS? Insane? Unimaginably EVIL? Well, Believe it or NOT, According to his OWN “Demented & DISTURBING” Words, a “PUNISHMENT” must be Immediately “ENACTED, Established & Administered” to ALL Women living in the United States of AMERICA who have the AUDACITY to Care For & CONTROL their OWN Physical Bodies ~ I guess now we all understand one more reason WHY he's "S*I*N*K*I*N*G" Fast in the POLLs & Headed Straight back where he came from ~ OBSCURITY ~

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

8 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 8 weeks ago

    Well Tamara, I'm just interested in a HUSBAND and or Father's REACTION to "Delusional Donald's" ABSURD & Invasive Intentions of "Punishing" his WIFE / Daughter merely for Exercising her "Reproductive RIGHTs" ~