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Did U Know 100% of African AMERICANs REJECT “Delusional Donald” Trump ??

YES, of course I understand that there may be a few Extremely WEALTHY African Americans who might actually set aside their “Morals, Cultural PAST & VALUEs and Discard the FACT that Donald is a BLATANT Racist then perhaps VOTE for him ~ However, the Actual Number of African AMERICANs who would actually consider voting for him is so “Miniscule & TINY” that it doesn’t even REGISTER in POLLs ~ That’s how BAD it is for “Drumpf” and it’s getting just as bad for him with Latinos. Cubans, Asians, Educated Whites, WOMEN, Young VOTERs, Military Veterans & just about every other DEMOGRAPHIC ~

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

7 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 6 weeks ago

    Well, Grace ~ According to the FACTs African AMERICAN Support for "Delusional Donald" is so MINISCULE that POLLs can't DETECT it ~ so in REALITY, your Unsubstantiated ESTIMATE of 90% to 95% REJECTION is Inaccurate ~ He'll be Lucky to Get 1% ~