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Did U Know 81% of Hispanics / Latinos REJECT "Delusional Donald" Trump ?

So Honestly, what did "Delusional Donald" EXPECT in RESPONSE when the first words uttered from his Big RACIST Mouth was a conserted effort to DEFINE Hispanics / Latinos as "Rapists & CRIMINALs" ?? Did he actually EXPECT to SQUEEZE VOTEs Outta them ?? AFTER he "Blatantly INSULTED" an ENTIRE Group of Human BEINGs ?? REALLY ??

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

6 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 weeks ago

    I agree 80% to 90% of of Hispanics etc DESPISE "Delusional Donald" for OBVIOUS Reasons such as his Bigoted Contention that they are "RAPISTs & Criminals" & Trump's EMBRACE of Racism & Hatred of Women are all VALID Reasons WHY the % is so