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"Drumpf" Trump Calls Women "FAT Pigz" in Public - Can U IMAGINE His Deplorable PRIVATE Behavior?

“Delusional Donald’s” Deplorable ANGER Filled Attitude & Behavior Toward Women is WELL Documented and many of his "Lude & VILE" Misogynist Outbursts have been CAPTURED on FILM & Audio - To DISCOVER the Evidence simply Investigate via You-TUBE ~ If he’s so Mentally Unstable & Detached from REALITY as to believe his “Vicious HATE Laced Remarks” are actually Acceptable to a Civilized 21st Century Society, can U IMAGINE his “Private Behavior” ??

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Mackenzie Sage Wright (WiccanSage) says

5 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 weeks ago

    Donald's Behavior Toward Women is AGGRESSIVE, Violent & Demeaning which is ABNORMAL & Consistent with many Psychological DISORDERs including "Inferiority COMPLEX" ~ Lude "Public Behavior" is Common 4 him, can U IMAGINE his "Private Behavior"?

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