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Did U Know VPer Bigot Mike Pence REFUSED To Call RACIST Klansman David Duke DEPLORABLE?

I Guess the “POLITICALLY Correct” thing to do for the Failing “Trump Pseudo-Campaign” is to NOT “ROCK the Base BOAT” because it‘s already "SHRINKING & Sinking" Fast ~ I guess, Defining David Duke as a “DEPLORABLE” individual as is CLEARLY the Case, might UPSET a Significant Portion of Trump’s FANz which include Racist BREITBART Extremists ~

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

5 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 weeks ago

    It's Pretty OBVIOUS that a Significant Portion of "Delusional Donald's" FANz are Racist Woman Hating Individuals & Mike Pence's REFUSAL to Define them as "DEPLORABLE" Reveals the FACT that he & Donald are AFRAID of the TRUTH ~