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Should The MEDIA Conduct "LIVE on AIR" FACT Checking To CORRECT Trump / Surrogate LIEs ??

Unprecedented but LONG OVER DUE ~ REALISTICALLY, just about EVERYTHING other than the WORDz "The" & "AND" that SPEW from Donald's and or his Pseudo-Surrogate's Lips like Weirdo Kelli-Anne Conway are Blatant LIEs ~ Just INVESTIGATE his past on FACT-Checking WEBsites ~ TIME for "LIVE on AIR" FACT Checking as a "PUBLIC Service" to ALL Viewers so we can DISCOVER the TRUTH in Between Trump's AVALANCHE of Falsehoods ~

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Setank Setunk says

5 weeks ago
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    bradmasterOCcal 5 weeks ago


    They are like the movie vampires, they can't see their own reflection in the mirror.

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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

5 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 weeks ago

    FACT-Check should indeed Spark-Up their OWN Network but until that happens, T.V. Anchors must "CORRECT" Pathological LIAR "Delusional Donald" & his Dishonest Surrogates right there on the SPOT during "LIVE Interviews" & DEBATEs if Trump atten