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HEY Trumpeteers - Humiliated AGAIN by CON-Man Trump’s Deplorable Racist “BIRTHER Sham” ??

Yup, it was ALL just another 5 year long Racist Motivated “LIE” as Donald Confessed to yesterday ~ So how do U FEEL being BAMBOOZELED Again by this Fraudster ?? ~ ASTONISHING !! And it prove the FACT that there is indeed a “SUCKER Born Every MINUTE” ~ Just ASK Donald who is now LAUGHING to himself somewhere in a DARK Private Room at your “EXTREME Gullibility” ~ So how much ABUSE from this 2-Bit CON-Man Charlatan are U going to voluntarily subject yourself to before the LIGHT GOES ON?? ~ NEXT, he’ll be selling U “Fake Diplomas from Trump U” at $5,000 per POP ~ You'll BUY One RIGHT??

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Gunny Cracker (Sgt Prepper) says

4 weeks ago
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