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Did U Know "Delusional Donald" Uses YOUR CAMPAIGN Contributions To FLY His Airbus ??

Yup, so much for all those "SELF-Financing" LIEs RIGHT ? Feeling a little BETRAYED ??? AGAIN ??? The Cornerstone of his Entire Pseudo-Campaign was his "Persistent LIE" about using his OWN MOney, but NOW the TRUTH Comes OUT & it REVEALs like ALL Swindlers he's using "OPM" ~ According to REPORTs 6 MILLION has already been Allocated to MAINTAIN his Airbus so he can TRAVEL the World INSULTING OUR Military Veterans, Spreading "FEAR & Hate", Demeaning Women, and YES, Sabotaging the USA by Conspiring with Communist Russia & "HACKERs" therein ~

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bradmasterOCcal says

4 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 weeks ago

    lol @ Brad ~ "AIRBUS" is a Generic TERM ~ Sorry to be a "MESSENGER of TRUTH", but a PRIMARY Reason WHY "Delusional Donald" is S*I*N*K*I*N*G in the "REAL Polls" is his "BETRAYAL of his Minions" ~ 6 MILLION in DONATIONs has been USED to FLY his JET