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Did U Know "FACT-Checkers" Reveal Approximately 70% of "Delusional Donald's" CLAIMs Are FALSE ?

This is WHY "WE the PEOPLE" should DEMAND an Impartial THIRD Party "LIVE" Fact-Checker on the STUDIO Set for ALL 3 Presidential DEBATEs ~ If of course Trump SHOWs Up ~ The FACT-Checker could IMMEDIATELY Intervene & "CORRECT the RECORD" when Trump inevitably begins to "BABBLE" about his "Grand DELUSIONs" ~

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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

4 weeks ago
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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

4 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 weeks ago

    Hey Lisa ~ NICE Article ~ "AFTER the FACT" "FACT Checking" is indeed essential & it's my SECOND BEST Choice, but I Still believe a "LIVE" On Set Independant Fact Checker to "CORRECT & Humiliate" Serial LIAR Trump on stage is the BEST Scenario