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In your opinion who won the debate, what did you feel was the strongest moment in the debate?

I felt Clinton was the better rehearsed, she had obviously memorized many of her talking points, and knew what message she wanted to relay. I think Trump came across as more genuine. I think Trump won the first half hour, and then stumbled during the remainder where neither looked super. I think people are tired of the political BS and rehearsed answers, I think they are tired of buying into the politician who gets up there and blathers some promises that they want to believe in. If I am judging the Nation's mood correctly I'd say Trump won overall, but not by much. ...Thoughts?

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Best Answer Aime (Aime F) says

5 months ago
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    Ken Burgess 5 months ago

    Thank you for your response. I definitely felt that Hillary showed/presented herself better (except for the eye rolls and jabs over petty issues) or rather her talking points better. I do feel that strengthened the belief her supporters have in her.

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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

5 months ago
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    Ken Burgess 5 months ago

    I agree... he should have been stronger, better prepared.

    When Holt started in he could have said:

    "Am I debating YOU or Secretary Clinton!?!" .

    When she attacked him over supporting Iraq he should have said:

    "You voted for it as Senator not me!"

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Ken Burgess says

5 months ago