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Will "Delusional Donald" Publically Humiliate Himself AGAIN In Another Debate Or CON His Way OUT?

I don't know if you've heard the NEWz, but Donald's Ridiculous EXCUSE for his Mental LAPSEs, Ultimate COLLAPSE & Catastrophic Debate FAILURE was that he truly believes his "MICROPHONE was DEFECTIVE" ~ Yup, it's TRUE, Believe it or NOT ~ Well sure, everyone knows that "DEFECTIVE Mircophones" could easily have caused his "Psychological BREAKDOWN" & Complete IGNORANCE of the FACTs & Important ISSUEs ~ And Believe it or NOT, some of his FANz will actually FALL for this IMBECILIC Delusions ~

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Shyron E Shenko says

4 weeks ago
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Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) says

4 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 weeks ago

    The CHARADE of CLAIMIMG "Delusional Donald' is NOT "Politically CORRECT" is Certainly NO Excuse for his IGNORANCE of the ISSUEs, Many Gargantuan Business "FAILUREs", his Racism & HATRED of Women etc ~ Will Donald "HUMILIATE" himself AGAIN?