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DEBATE ~ WHY Did "Delusional Donald" APPEAR So WEAK, Feeble, CONFUSED and MENTALLY Exhausted ??

WE ALL Witnessed the FACT that MR. ARTIFICIALLY Induced "Testosterone Trump" didn't appear to be quite as PHYSICALLY nor Mentally "FIT & Able" as he Boisterously CLAIMs as he barely SURVIVED the 90 MINUTE DEBATE ~ Severe "STAMINA Issues" followed by OBVIOUS Mental Deterioration which included INCOHERENT Babbling, especially while DISCUSSING N*U*C*L*E*A*R Weapons was nothing less than "SHOCKING" ~ I already understand what Psychcological "Disorders & ILLNESSES" he Suffers from, but what do U believe is at the ROOT of his "Phsyical & Psychological PROBLEMs"? ~

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Best Answer Aime (Aime F) says

3 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 weeks ago

    I think your right Aime ~ Within 20 MINUTEs, Hillary & Perhaps just the thought of MARK Cuban, a REAL Billionaire sitting in the AUDIENCE, was enough to Induce Donald's Mental & Pysical Breakdown ~ The LAST 60 Minutes was Devastating for him.