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Anyone Know The Last Time "FREE-Loader" Trump CONTRIBUTED Federal Income TAXEs To AMERICA ??

I can't seem to LOCATE the Day, Month, YEAR or even CENTURY when Donald actually "CONTRIBUTED" to the "Financial WELL Being" of the United States of AMERICA ~ The last time he DISCLOSED his Returns it REVEALED ZERO Paid in Federal Taxes which he CLAIMs is "Smart" ~ But here in the "REAL-World", there are a few TERMs for GREEDY Individuals such as him, who CHOOSE to let other HARD Working AMERICANs PAY their WAY & "FREE-Loader" or "DEAD-Beat" are just two ~ BTW "CONSPIRACY Theorists", Hillary PAID / Contributed Approximately 30% in TAXEs which is about AVERAGE ~

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Shyron E Shenko says

3 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 3 weeks ago

    Hey Shyron ~ Well, the NYT just DROPPED Another BOMBSHELL on Donald ~ The REPORT indicates that he may have "AVOIDED" Paying TAXEs for 18 YEARs ~ I guess he's NOT Only a Mentally ILL SWINDLER, Misogynist & Racist, but also a "FREE-Loader"

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John D Wilson (claptona) says

3 weeks ago
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