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Does Wiki-WEIRDO Criminal Julian Assange "Alter / Change" the CONTENT Of Illegally HACKED E-MAILs ?

While he's "INVADING the Privacy" of other Human Beings like a Creepy PEEP-Hole Creton, WHY Wouldn't he take Advantage of the "Unlawful Opportunity" to "CHANGE or Manipulate" the CONTENT of E-MAILs to Reflect his Political Agenda ?? ~ He's a CRIMINAL who Illegally HACKs into PRIVATE Data-Bases Remember ?? AND U actually TRUST this LOAFER ?? REALLY ???? Are U that GULLIBLE ????

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John Bullock (beagrie) says

2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 weeks ago

    THX 4 the Input John ~ I know what Fugitive Assange does ~ He's a Criminal who ILLEGALLY STEALs Private INFO for Personal Enjoyment, his "5 Minutes" ~ An "OUSTANDING Warrant" is Pending for HORRENDOUs Crimes in Sweeden ~ He's a "Trump Peddler"